First Quarter Update!

We are so pleased that our first campaign update letter is in the mail.  Over the past several months we have been working through the planning phase, the prayer phase and the pledge phase of the “Rooted in Christ, Growing to Serve” Capital Stewardship Campaign.  We continue to make good progress toward our goal.  At our current level of pledges, we have already far exceeded the level of generosity and support that our parish has had in the past several capital campaigns – what a BLESSING!  We are confident we will achieve our campaign goal of $6.2M over the next three years and celebrate a great victory for OLC.

We are now starting to move into the follow-up phase of our campaign.  In this phase individuals will continue/start fulfilling their pledges through weekly, monthly or quarterly gifts.  This can be done either through cash/check, online giving or through sales/transfers of stock.

Over the past several months, a good question has been raised about having a full kitchen in the multi-purpose Parish Center / gym.  The short answer is yes, the plan is to have a full kitchen in the multi-purpose Parish Center / gym.  We have had a more accurate drawing created to clearly indicate the kitchen into the space.  A copy of that drawing can viewed HERE.

If anyone continues to have any questions about the campaign, please reach out to one of the campaign co-chairs or the parish office.  It is our goal that everyone be fully informed of the details of this vitally important capital campaign.

Your update letter also included a statement of our campaign financial goal as well as the status of your personal support.  If you have any concerns about the listed amounts, please contact the parish office.  Please note: These totals are recorded as of the date of this letter.  Some credit card payments may not have been processed as of this date.

Enclosed with your update letter was a supply of pledge payment envelopes for this quarter.  These envelopes are also for your use if you’ve not made a pledge but are making contributions toward the campaign.   Additional envelopes can be found in the campaign station in the parish commons.  If you are giving online and do not need envelopes, please visit and request to be removed from the envelope delivery.

THANK YOU for your support of our important “Rooted in Christ, Growing to Serve” capital campaign for OLC.  It’s exciting to see how the people at OLC are working together in support of this campaign.  As parishioners establish their patterns for giving to meet their campaign pledge, this helps the campaign committee to see how and when the Parish Goal will be met.

December 16/17

Last weekend was Commitment Weekend which starts the commitment phase of our capital campaign when everyone is asked to formally pledge support by completing and returning a pledge card. This past week you should have received a campaign newsletter along with a pledge card for your use. It is now time for everyone to make your commitment. We need to hear from everyone in the parish. Please complete and return your pledge card by dropping it in the offertory or at the parish office. Extra pledge cards are also available in the campaign station for your use if needed. Thank you for your commitment to this campaign and to Our Lady.

December 9/10

This weekend is Commitment Weekend – the start of the commitment phase of our capital campaign. To commemorate this important campaign phase, we’re all invited to enjoy a wonderful Knights of Columbus breakfast following Mass. Please join fellow parishioners in a meal and to celebrate our oneness as a faith family and to signify our collective support of Rooted in Christ, Growing to Serve.”

December 2/3

Our long campaign process of gathering information, becoming informed, prayer, and discerning what sacrificial giving means will officially culminate on Commitment Weekend – next weekend. Next weekend starts the commitment phase of our campaign. We will commemorate the start of this important phase of our campaign with sharing a nice Knights of Columbus breakfast. Please plan on joining your fellow parishioners next weekend.

Soon after next weekend, you will receive a pledge card to register your participation in this important campaign. We are all parts of the body and each of us is needed to bring about a campaign victory. So continue to be in prayer about what your individual piece of the puzzle will be and what sacrifice means for you. Everyone is needed.

November 25/16

This Thanksgiving time of year has special meaning, for we know that gratitude lies at the very heart of stewardship. We are in the prayer phase of our “Rooted in Christ, Growing to Serve” campaign. We should be focusing in thanksgiving on our lives and the blessings of the Lord. Everyone is asked to set aside some time for prayer each day to seek direction from our Lord on the blessings you’ve received and what you will return to God via this campaign. Let us pray not for what we want, but for what god gives us to do with our blessings.

November 18/19

For those who attended our Advance Commitment reception last Sunday – THANK YOU! The reception was a great time to not only for socializing with fellow parishioners, but to focus attention on our important Rooted in Christ, Growing to Serve capital campaign. Soon, everyone will receive a brochure in the mail. Please read it carefully and begin to pray about your pledge to this important campaign. Pray that God’s will be done, not yours. As faithful stewards, we must communicate with God through prayer to know His will. Pray and allow our Lord to lead you in action.