Campaign Contacts

Additional Volunteers are Needed!  Please inquire with Nickie Wentworth-Holton or with the parish office.

Pastor Father Tony Russo Email
Associate Pastor Father Stephen Durkee Email
Campaign Co-Chair Greg & Jeanine Beasley Email
Campaign Co-Chair Ken & Marcia Borowka Email
Campaign Co-Chair Joe & Gwen Napieralski Email
Advance Commitment Leader Robert Wilson Email
Commitment Team Leader Kathleen Gnanasekharan Email
Communication Team Leader Carl Apple Email
Communication Team Leader Nickie Wentworth-Holton Email
Campaign Coordinator Linda Merring Email
Campaign Coordinator Julie Woodruff Email
Prayer Team Leaders Paul & Ellen Sobie
School Team Leader Rebecca Ladyman Email
School Team Leader Brad & Angie Chandler
School Team Leader Jill Hemmes Email